The method of pre-gel for organic bentonite

It is suggested that it should be added in the grinding stage.The specific production process is as follows:

Prerequisites:high-speed dispersion


2.Organoclay (disperse with high speed in 10 mins)

3.Polar Activator(disperse with high speed in 5~10 mins)

4.Surface Activator (if exists)

5.Pigments and Fillers(grind to fineness what you need)

6.Paint Mixing


Polar Activator:

Methanol/Water(95/5)          30%

Ethanol/water(95/5)            35%

Propylene carbonate/water(95/5)  30%

Suggest using polar activated containing 5% water to carry better performance.


Organoclay for pre-gel performance best in condition of dispersing fully and so as solvent.

organoclay can be added directly during using.It performs good effects on anti hanging and anti settling after full dispersion.



The addition quantity of organoclay depends on the type of organics, viscosity and other rheological properties.
The amount of organoclay accounts for 0.2%-2.5% of the whole system. The optimum dosage should be determined by experiment.

.Efficient dispersing equipment and technique can better optimize the performance of organoclay with less dosage and more profits.



2019-12-06 15:19