Development Status and Application Prospects of Organic Bentonite Environmental Protection Materials

Microbial treatment of wastewater and Keshui is a good method, but the range of effects and applications is limited and unsatisfactory. In the face of a variety of waste pollution, in the absence of old treatment methods. People have to find new treatments and new environmentally friendly materials. After years of research and discovery. Bentonite and its products have high ion exchange capacity, special water absorption (10-30 times volume expansion after water absorption), plasticity and viscosity. These characteristics make people feel the great potential of bentonite and its products in environmental protection.

The main component of bentonite is montmorillonite, which belongs to 2:1 layered clay mineral. Each crystal layer is composed of two layers of silicon oxide tetrahedron sandwiched by a layer of aluminum oxide octahedron, which has good adsorption, ion exchange and volume expansion, and can be adsorbed, ion exchanged, coagulated, etc. in aqueous solution. Contaminants occur. Bentonite used as an environmentally friendly material mainly has two forms. One is to change the original soil (mainly calcium-based bentonite) to sodium-based bentonite by sodium modification or to acidify the original soil to form active self-soil; The form is to introduce some inorganic, organic ions or molecules between the layers of bentonite, and further montmorillonite layer composites are obtained through further interlayer reaction. Since the 1980s, the application of bentonite in environmental protection has been greatly developed. Can be seen from the existing information. Research on bentonite environmentally friendly materials is mainly used for wastewater and sewage treatment. Bentonite used in wastewater and sewage purification treatment, whether it is a single original sodium modification. It is also made of bentonite composite material, its main purpose is to further enhance its adsorption capacity, its adsorption capacity can exceed that of activated carbon, it acts as a collector in sewage purification, not only can adsorb a large amount of organic suspended matter, heavy metal ions, but also remove bacteria. , viruses and other microorganisms. Therefore, bentonite and its products can be used to treat a variety of wastewater. In addition. Studies on bentonite environmentally friendly materials in waste gas treatment and solid waste disposal have been reported abroad.

At present, China's natural ecological damage and environmental pollution are still very serious, and its development trend has not been controlled. The reason is that China's environmental science and technology are backward. Traditional environmentally friendly processes and environmentally friendly materials have not been able to effectively address the processing of a large and growing variety of complex pollutants. Therefore, only the development of new environmentally friendly materials can solve this problem well. As an important non-metallic mineral, bentonite has been studied by many scholars at home and abroad for many years. It is increasingly showing its feasibility in the application of environmental protection.

China's bentonite environmental protection materials have great potential for development. This is mainly because China's bentonite is rich in mineral resources and its total reserves are among the highest in the world. Although the development and utilization of bentonite in China (including development and utilization in environmental protection) is much later than in advanced countries, the application of bentonite is limited to primary products such as activated clay after activated soil or acidification. As for the study of laminates of bentonite, it is still in its infancy compared with foreign countries. But it also means that China has huge potential for development in the development and application of bentonite. According to the development strategy of China's non-metallic mineral industry, the future will focus on the development of sodium bentonite, research and promotion of organic bentonite and chemical catalyst carrier bentonite, and expand its application in agriculture, feed industry and environmental protection industry. This also provides an opportunity for the development of bentonite environmentally friendly materials. to this end. China's non-metallic mineral workers should strengthen scientific research work on bentonite environmental protection materials, develop deep-processed products, and form a series, vigorously promote new scientific research results, and transform them into industrial productivity as soon as possible, so that bentonite can play a bigger role in environmental protection projects. The role.

2018-08-28 15:11