Talking about organic bentonite

Organic bentonite is one of the things that everyone wants to know. You will find that this is an inorganic mineral-related bentonite, which uses the layered structure of montmorillonite. This can be fully dispersed in the relevant organic solvent or water, which is made by the naked eye and colloidal particles, and then inserted into the organic covering agent by ion exchange technology, so we need to know more The situation, his advantages and advantages, do you want to know? Learn slowly.

Organic bentonite has many related characteristics. They have good thickening and thixotropic properties, as well as very high temperature stability, water resistance and chemical stability. He has very important applications in related industries. Value, such as the oil industry or the aerospace industry, is widely used. Since he plays a very important role, we can't be sloppy when we choose. Do you really think that you can buy a factory and buy it at the right price? Then your idea is wrong, and now it will exist in the market. There are some messy factories. In order to make huge profits, they produce a lot of fakes, so we can't think of good high temperature stability and related chemical stability. When choosing, try to choose factories with high praise rate and high return rate to ensure that their prices are reasonable. The most important thing is that we can think of it to bring us a very good variety. Advantage.

Bentonite also needs to pay attention to the relevant precautions when it is preserved. For example, if you have exposed it to the air for a long time, if it exceeds the space for a long time, it will affect some of its functionality, so it should be reduced as much as possible. The most important thing about the contact area with the air is that it is hot and hot in summer. We also have to expose to the results of exposure to the sun, and we will find that its advantages are gradually decreasing. However, everyone still needs to use it as soon as possible. The longer you store it, the more it will affect their role. When using it, you should follow the scale. I hope everyone will spend some time and take a good look at the relevant instructions.

2018-08-28 15:13